Company Portraits

London, UK

Photo shoot today. Images tomorrow.

The story of the handsome business portraits.

It starts with an idea, a phone call, or a text message. You and your team want to look good in images. You want to convey confidence, knowledge, and trust.

For you to look confident and intelligent, we must be confident, competent, and the type of photographers you can trust to take lovely pictures. And that’s why we have powerful lights, cameras, and years of experience.

We are fast. We know your time is valuable, and most people don’t like being in front of the camera.

And we don’t stop there. After we have images in the memory card, we send them to our most experienced retouchers. They clean up pictures until they look immaculate.

For this extra care and craftsmanship, you pay a little more. But we think you’ll be happy.

All we do is everything you need to look good in photos.

Juris Kristobans

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 — Where are you based?

A1 — We to come to your office. And we work with studios across London. We can arrange a studio closer to your business. You save time and money.

Q2 — How long is the photoshoot?

A2 — When we photoshoot busy CEOs, we test the lights on our assistants. We ask the executive to come for the shot when everything is set up. Sometimes, the person is nervous and takes more time to get a picture. Average times are 10-30 min per person.

Q3 — Why hire a professional photographer?

A3 — It’s a good question. Nowadays, everyone has a phone with a camera and calls themselves a photographer. Professional photographers have cameras with beautiful lenses and lights, and they understand people. They have an eye for detail. They also process images until they look immaculate. Color grading and retouching are more intricate than applying a filter. We fuss a lot over tiny details.

Q4 — How many pictures will you take?

A4 — There is no need for hundreds of pictures. Unlike other photographers, we photo shoot 64 images from different angles. We will help you to choose the best. We encourage you to have a new photoshoot every couple of years.

Q5 — When will you have the images ready?

A5 — We aim for you to have images the next day. Even if we photoshoot on Saturday, you’ll get pictures on Sunday.